Business Analytics Consulting

What are Business Analytics?

Business analytics are a method of tracking internal business performance based on data and statistical methods. What you measure, you can improve upon. Capturing and interpreting data about your company's effectiveness enables you to make real-time decisions that will deliver better business results. Furthermore, via predictive modeling you can start to manage and prepare for the future.

What Service we do?

We Bluemix Consulting are the new age consulting firm in providing business analytics solutions for competitive businesses. Our goal is to use statistical analysis to help companies gain insight into their business performance data, and use that data to vastly improve business process and long-term performance. Our business analytics services include:

  1. Retail Analytics
  2. Pricing Analytics
  3. Behavioral analytics
  4. Social media analytics
  5. Marketing analytics

Our Tools:
We use all of the latest tools, including SAS, SPSS, R, and MS Excel. We're also well trained in statistical techniques, including Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Crosstab, Co-relations, ANOVA, MANOVA, Time Series Analysis, Pareto Chart, Discernment analysis, Logistic Regression, and Chi-square.

Our Approach ;
We're happy to offer extremely competitive rates, while supplying top-notch service from professionals with extensive experience in business analytics. We follow strict confidentiality policies, have a solid security systems onsite, and we provide you with a dedicated professional project manager to oversee your tasks and guide you every step of the way.